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Charitable Gift Planning


Far-sighted organizations agree that planned or deferred gifts are a critical revenue source for supporting future growth, especially given the uncertainty of the world economy, the retirement of affluent Baby Boomers and the massive intergenerational wealth being transferred.

Traditionally, planned gifts are future gifts. Upon a donor’s passing, they fund endowments, which yield permanent sources of income for programmatic and operational needs. Given the size and nature of the funds used to initiate these endowments, planned gifts are often part of a donor’s estate plan and utilize sophisticated, tax-wise vehicles.

Fallon Philanthropy Advisors expands upon this definition of planned giving. We believe “every” contribution entails an element of planning. Even outright gifts can be quite sophisticated, depending upon the nature of the asset contributed. And, like a traditional planned gift, they require targeted marketing, sophisticated planning, and knowledgeable communication with the donor’s financial, legal and tax advisors.

To accommodate this breadth of giving, we offer to design, implement and manage your Charitable Gift Planning Program. Rather than detract, it is designed to complement and provide balance to your annual and major gift initiatives. A donor with the vision to support the long-term financial health of your organization will be a perfect candidate for funding your current operations, as well.

These gifts do not come easy nor do they come fast.  But by launching your Charitable Gift Planning Program now, your organization can start to build enduring relationships which will yield great dividends in the years to come.