More testimonials from satisfied clients.

I have worked with Blaise for the past 5 years and consider him to be a world class fundraiser.  His wealth of knowledge is what I most admire and rely upon.  Indeed, he has been an incredible resource through his rare “can do” attitude which facilitates creative out of the box ideas for generating revenue.  This, combined with his talent for configuring relationships for the benefit of his clients, make him a talent in the Houston philanthropic community. 

Larry W. Massey, Jr.
Scanlan Foundation

I am the President of a national organization with affiliates around the country.  We were recommended to Fallon Philanthropy Advisors to plan, organize, and manage a national programmatic campaign supplemented by various affiliate campaigns.  I am delighted with FPA’s service.  For the past three years, it has guided our campaign into a full scale national effort while managing a number of affiliate initiatives.  Blaise is personally more than a consultant.  He is a philanthropic coach.  He takes the time to guide and teach me the nuances of fundraising.  His pearls of wisdom are insightful and valued tips that, as the President of a national not for profit, I turn to often.  We are still with him three years later and look forward to a continued partnership. 

Mark Falzone
Scenic America

“Blaise has a great deal of fundraising experience across a number of diverse settings and with a number of diverse clients. Based on my experience in working with Blaise, he consistently follows the tenet ‘the client comes first.’ Blaise has been an invaluable resource in enhancing and promoting our major gift program. Utilizing our volunteers and board members, he has facilitated a highly effective fundraising approach which has opened the door to a number of new foundations. Blaise has done a commendable job keeping us on track, pushing us forward, and helping us achieve expanded major gift success.

When other organizations are in need of fundraising counsel or services, I am happy to recommend Blaise and Fallon Philanthropy Advisors.”

Paul Gilford
Executive Director
Houston Achievement Place

Blaise is a consummate professional who is not only responsive to our needs but is always available in a timely manner. I’ve been blessed to be working with him for so long now that I think of him as if he were a resident consultant with an office here at the St. John Paul II Foundation. He is also a great coach and is always available to help me think through strategies so that our efforts meet with success.  Blaise thoughtfully and deliberately provides helpful guidance during each weekly visit. I look forward to his wisdom, rooted in his vast experience, as he pushes and  encourages me and our staff at every meeting.

Arland K. Nichols
President and Founder
St. John Paul II Foundation

Blaise helped to introduce us from Austin to the Houston philanthropic community in order to establish Wonders & Worries physical offices.  Seeking seed funding “from scratch” is no easy task, but Blaise guided us through the process with planning, comprehensive research, thoughtful strategies, and an in-depth knowledge of Houston philanthropy and the interconnectedness of relationships.  We give two thumbs up to Fallon Philanthropy Advisors.

Alex Gabbi
Executive Director
Wonders & Worries

Meredith Cooper
Co-Founder & Child Life Specialist
Wonders & Worries

“Blaise’s professionalism, attention to detail, and campaign expertise kept us on the right track.  I recommend the services of Fallon Philanthropy to any charitable organization seeking to expand its major gift program.”

Steve Bollman
Founder and President
Paradisus Dei

Blaise innovates.  He is constantly coaching us to look at the big picture.  Not to get bogged down in the weeds.  To creatively sustain SNAP as a viable and long-lived organization.  He is nimble in thought and process, ready at any given moment to take any opportunity that presents itself and turn it into potential. 

Dr. Mary Kate Lawler
Executive Director
Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)

“Blaise is invaluable in TSU’s effort to launch and sustain a proactive charitable gift planning program. He brings extensive gift planning experience and works very well with our staff and leadership. Blaise takes a highly systematic approach to the process and keeps us on track. We set goals, establish operating plans and execute with Blaise helping us each step along the way. Under his guidance we are quickly making charitable gift planning highly visible at TSU. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Carolyne Oliver
Director of Development
Texas Southern University

When we partnered with Blaise and Fallon Philanthropy Advisors three years ago, we were a small faith-based ministry focusing on prisoner re-entry.  Our sources of philanthropy were somewhat limited. With Blaise on our team we have been able to grow and tap into resources we didn’t know were even available to us.  Today, Blaise is still our fundraising consultant and coach and we are aggressively moving forward on the final phase of purchasing a building to serve as our headquarters.  During this time we have had a set, weekly meeting with Blaise and he has kept us “on point” during this time.  This is not just a consultant-client relationship.  We are friends and we know Blaise has our back.

Joseph “Joey” Gentempo
Pastor and Founder
His Father’s Heart Ministries

Fundraising can be a complicated business, and Fallon Philanthropy Advisors pays extraordinary attention to making its process transparent to everyone involved. Blaise also possesses an exemplary work ethic, always on deadline and great with follow-through. In particular, he is a fantastic organizer.  He keeps us on track and never lets procrastination or wasted time, which are the greatest enemies of fundraising, sink into the mix.

Leonard Kincaid
Executive Director
Houston Recovery Center

“Blaise understood our culture and worked closely with us to design and implement a comprehensive campaign in a most challenging economic climate. We had no real history of fundraising, let alone campaigns. His ability to work with us to explore creative solutions for soliciting campaign funds was invaluable.”

Rev. Kathy Eason
Founder, Executive Director
Serenity Retreat

“Developing a major gifts program is intimidating. Blaise demystifies the process and provides concrete steps designed to solicit and raise revenue. These same steps can be tailored to small organizations as well as larger ones which may be experiencing stalled fundraising efforts. Getting the job done well and on time is one of the hallmarks of Blaise’s service!”

Mike Messano
Director of Advancement
Diocese of Fort Worth

“Blaise has a unique ability to motivate and energize campaign leadership. He works with us every step of the way and is a huge part of our campaign’s success. In addition to being incredibly professional and knowledgeable, Blaise is an absolute delight to work with – always responsive and positive in his approach.”

Sally Edmundson
Actress, Director and Board Member
Stages Repertory Theatre

“Our Steering Committee meets with Blaise on a weekly basis. Each meeting has a detailed agenda and ends with action steps for the next meeting. He always keeps the momentum going with organization, energy, and intense enthusiasm.”

Susan Spencer, M.Ed.
School Director
The Harris School

“What most impressed me about Blaise is his understanding of the synergy between major and planned gift development. This is most helpful in a campaign setting. Be it to a group of major gift officers or board leadership, Blaise can simplify and explain the most complex charitable gift planning strategies to any audience.”

Helaine Ahern
Vice President of Development
Josline Diabetes Center